A New Home For Cyclax

The Black Country Is The New Home To CYCLAX – The Pioneer Brand Of Skin and Bodycare That Goes Back 123 Years

Many of us reading this, may at first think, CYCLAX? Now where have I heard that name before? And as soon as you see the logo, it will bring back happy and pleasurable memories of creams and lotions and very soft skin.

And of course you know it!

It’s likely that CYCLAX in some shape or form has been in your family bedroom or bathroom and probably the bedrooms and bathrooms a generation before maybe even the generation before that!

Skincare Pioneers in1896

n 1896 The Cyclax Company was founded by Mrs Hemming in a converted front room of a house at 58 South Molton Street, London, to provide beauty treatments. Around 1910 there was around 40 formulations for skincare, hair care, face powders, lip lotions and soap, and in the period before the First World War, Cyclax products went on sale in Europe and across parts of the British Empire.

Back then, Cyclax products were not about creating a new face or feeling any shame in taking care of your body. The House of Cyclax was built on the strong belief that their job was to show women that they all have a natural ‘loveliness’ which, when properly cared for, would allow their natural beauty to shine.

The history of Cyclax is a story of rebellion and transformation. Using phrases such as ‘Promote your loveliness’ enticed clients to come to the salon ( houses to you and me), often slipping in the back door to maintain privacy.

Clients would be educated on skin care and cosmetics, personalised to their individual tone and colouring. They were trained to use the quality skin care products made to revitalise skin longing for improved moisture. They were encouraged to adopt a skin care routine with Cyclax, the pioneers of 19th Century self-care.

Famous Owners and Unloved Over the Years.

Cyclax was a family owned business until 1970 when it was sold to the American merchant bankers Lehman Brothers. Through the 1970s and 1980s Cyclax has passed through mixed and famous ownership including British American Tobacco and SmithKIine Beecham.

Say ‘Hello’ to Today’s Black Country OwnersThree Pears International are a family owned business based in the Black Country, they acquired Cyclax in the Autumn of 2018. Founded in 1973, they supply chemists, pharmacies, independent and national retailers and cash & carry outlets across the UK and retailers and distributors across 40 countries worldwide

Three Pears are now also a specialist brand owner with a brand portfolio including Cyclax, Nailoid, Natural Classic Original Henna Treatment Wax and are the UK marketing and distribution network for the UK and Ireland for Playboy condoms and lubricants.

Three Pears are committed to refreshing and developing this historic brand, retaining its heritage, developing new products and new ranges as well as providing a reliable supply chain with a promise of next day delivery. With its 2019 relaunch, Cyclax is at an exciting point in history as treasured products are relaunched alongside brand new collections.

Cyclax is one of the world’s oldest cosmetic companies still in operation today. Amongst Cylax rivals are brands such as Max Factor, Coty, Revlon and Yardley.

To see all Cyclax ranges, visit our brand new website and follow the links to contact us. www.cyclax.co.uk

Manufacturing Products Since 1896.

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