Cyclax Baby New Range

Cyclax is now entering a new phase in its journey as Three Pears Wholesale Inc. take over the ownership of this historic company. With over 100 years of cosmetic, skin and hair care experience, this new ownership is taking Cyclax into new product ranges.

Why Baby?

Using the company’s founding principles of nurturing women’s loveliness and finding ways to take care of your body to protect it from the damaging effects of life, of course, it makes perfect sense to develop a range to start taking care of young skin. Cyclax has generations of clients who trust the brand, in its principles and its products, so this feels like a natural step in the evolution of the company.

Cyclax takes care of your baby.

The new product range gives customers exciting new products to maintain the health of your baby’s skin and hair including Cyclax Baby Daily Moisturing Lotion and Cyclax Shampoo. The baby range is mild and gentle, providing moisture to your baby’s skin after cleansing.

Create an Experience

Using Cyclax Baby Oil Moisturiser for soothing massage allows for more than just a moisturiser for your baby’s skin. It brings you to a closer connection as you massage your baby, living in the moment and taking in those precious moments that will be gone so quickly as your baby grows up too fast.

Bring the fun

Cyclax Baby Bubble Bath, gentle and moisturising, is a way to make your baby’s bath time fun. Helping your baby to make the bubbles or showing them how to make them are all essential sensory, learning experiences for your little one. Watch them learn and enjoy seeing them smile as they feel the soft bubbles, laugh as they splash in the water, cleaning and moisturising their skin as they play.

For Baby and You

The benefits of these specially formulated products go far beyond the high-quality skincare from the Cyclax new Baby range. As well as building your relationship together, you will be taking care of your own skin too. Taking care of a baby dehydrates parent’s skin also. Always going in and out of the water through routine washing takes away the moisture in parent’s hands especially. Cyclax Baby range will rehydrate your own skin, as you take care of the most important people in your life.

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