Cyclax Moistura Routine

The House of Cyclax has a long history of adaptation and creation. One of the most beloved ranges, and a cornerstone for the brand, is the Moistura Range. Specifically designed with the driest of skin types in mind, the entire range is the perfect antidote to dry skin. Moistura gives customers products which tackle dry skin from head to toe, with products that hydrate the whole body.

Begin with a Cleanser and Toner

Remove impurities with Cyclax Moisturer 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner. This is a gentle beginning to your skin’s self-care routine. You only need a small amount to sweep across your skin, leaving it feeling clean and ready for the next step.


Cyclac Gentle Facial Exfoliator takes your facial cleanse to the next level, removing dead skin cells with fine granules of Walnut shell and naturally detoxing with Green Tea. The natural ingredients allow your natural beauty to shine through and release your loveliness.

Choose your Lotion

Once your skin is free of impurities, rehydrate with your choice of Cyclax Moistura products. The daily moisturise is a light, non-greasy cream to soften normal or dry skin. Cyclax intensive body conditioning lotion actively hydtrates and moisturises the entire body, with vitamin E enriching your skin whilst protecting against premature aging.

Cyclax Skin Conditioning Lotion is an easily absorbed lotion which prevents moisture loss and combats rough and flaky skin, turning your skin soft and silky to the touch. Cyclax Super Rich Moisturising Lotion penetrates the top layers of skin rapidly to bring out your skin’s natural radiance.

Bed time

For additional skin care, Cyclax Replenishing Night Cream actively nourishes while you get your beauty sleep. Building up your skin’s moisture, stripped away by the day’s activities, Vitamins A and E help to disappear any fine lines and sooth through the massaging application process.

Sensitive Skin

There are the most vulnerable areas which always seem to need the most attention when it comes to our skin care routine. Your eye area is so delicate, constantly facing the elements, Cyclax Under Eye Moisturising Cream brings natural Witch Hazel and Lanolin to smooth and rebalance from lost moisture.

Cyclax Treatment Hand Cream brings relief to your hands. Dryness caused by never ending use and loosing moisture through water damage, this cream is quickly absorbed to moisturise and protect, any time of the day.


For a product range which will relieve, soothe and repair, Moistura is Cyclax’s answer for anyone suffering the irritation of dry skin looking for some attention. Bring hydration through the Moistura routine, find which lotion suits your skin to bring back your inner loveliness, enhance your natural beauty and help to create a regular routine of some ‘Me Time’ for your body’s first line of defence.

Manufacturing Products Since 1896.

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