Cyclax Sun and Dry Shampoo

The Cyclax company has created such a vast array of products, it is hardly surprising that they have previously made products regarding the colour tone of your skin. They created sun lotions to protect the skin from ‘becoming weather-stained, allays all irritation and corrects flushings of the face.’ This new era for Cyclax brings new products, as well as reviving and improving products from the past.

Fashionable Skincare

When Cyclax was first founded, the focus was on maintaining Women’s youthful complexion and (as most of the clients at the time were white, British privileged women from high society) to whiten, clear and smooth the skin. Times have changed and Britain’s multicultural society has brought many changes to colour and complexion in skincare and cosmetics. Cyclax has such a long history because it always moves with the times.

Glow Up

Modern British skincare fashion is to discover your own complexion and find makeup to accentuate your natural colour tones. For those that wish to have a sun kissed complexion, Cyclax brings you ‘Glow Up’. Cyclax Sun Dark Tanning Mist comes in two colours to give you a medium or deep glow. This gives you a choice of colour to match your individual tanning goals, without risking the harmful effects of the sun.

Dry Shampoo

Although Cyclax’s principles advocate self care, many modern women have to find ‘life hacks’ to take care of themselves in the fast pace of living in the 21st Century. Not only can you use Glow Up to achieve your tan more quickly, and more safely, than sunbathing or sunbeds, Cyclax are launching a new, modern-day product too. Whether it’s a quick solution for a busy day or a weekend stay in a tent, Cyclax Natural Classic Dry Shampoo is an essential hair care product.

With two fragrances, you can choose Exotic Blossom to give your hair a beautiful scent of Thai Orchid and Passion Fruit, or Cyclax Natural Classic Dry Shampoo Original to give your hair a beautiful scent of clean and fresh- that just washed feeling without the hassle! By spraying and then massaging into your roots, you will find that your hair will feel full of volume and smell fresh with an enticing aroma- all in just minutes. Hair is then ready to be styled so your day can begin!

21st Century Cyclax

Three Pears Wholesale Inc. are excited and proud to be relaunching a company with such integrity and wealth of history in the cosmetic industry. Cyclax has always been an innovative brand throughout its many years and always sought to bring new products onto the market across the world. These exciting new products continue this legacy and bring new, high quality ranges from a deep-rooted brand with a new, modern twist.

Manufacturing Products Since 1896.

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