Cyclax and Cosmetic History

Cyclax and Cosmetic History

Over 100 years ago, when Cyclax was first created, the idea of using makeup to improve your appearance was faced with accusations of vanity and socially unacceptable. This meant that women would hide their use of makeup in order to maintain their social integrity, often resulting in obtaining makeup products which were made of dangerous ingredients.

Changing Attitudes

As the years went on, the rise in women using cosmetics, taking care of their skin, hiding blemishes and highlighting their natural attributes with makeup was unstoppable.  However, in 1896, the business of skincare and cosmetics was still balancing the delicate line of respectability. This forced many women to work under a false name. Frances Forsythe created Cyclax under the name of Mrs. Hemming in a room in her own home at No. 58, South Molton Street, London


The House that Frances Built

Women would discreetly attend ‘The House of Cyclax’, a famous beauty salon which supported women to find ways to ‘Salute their Beauty’ and rediscover the ‘flawless beauty of skin which is every woman’s heritage’. Women would arrive with the blinds drawn on their carriages and find themselves subtly ushered through the back door, where they would find themselves in a room with like-minded women who celebrated cosmetics and skincare.

Famous Clients

The House of Cyclax became famous for skincare products and cosmetics which brought youth back to the faces of the woman who wore them. Among the many famous women, this including Queen Elizabeth II, encouraged by her Mother, who wore Cyclax cosmetics for her coronation.

Cyclax goes Global

Cylax moved onto create home treatments which finally allowed women the Cyclax treatment in their own households. The brand grew to sell its products all over the world, opening more houses in London as well as New York and Paris. They featured in Vogue and became an important part in the story of cosmetics and its growth as an industry.

Manufacturing Products Since 1896.

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