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Cyclax was founded in 1896.

Cyclax was founded in 1896 by Frances (Fanny) Forsythe when she opened her first beauty salon in Mayfair, London. The business started in the front room of a house at 58 South Molton Street) where Frances, using an alias, Mrs. Hemming, provided advice and beauty treatments. After a short period of trading, she began to make and sell cosmetics. It took around five years to develop a range of over 40 Cyclax formulas and preparations, and at first, these were only available through the London salon.

The original Cyclax ranges included skin and hair care products, face powders, eye lotions, lip lotions, and soap. Cyclax products went on sale in Europe and across parts of the UK just before the First World War and were retailed in department stores such as Selfridges and available through many chemist shops across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

Cyclax is one of the world’s oldest cosmetic companies still in operation today. Amongst Cyclax rivals are brands such as Elizabeth Arden, Max Factor, Revlon, Coty, and Yardley.

Cyclax remained a family-owned business until 1970 when it was sold to the American merchant bankers Lehman Brothers. Through the 1970s and 1980s, Cyclax has passed through mixed and famous ownership including British American Tobacco and SmithKline Beecham. Richards & Appleby Ltd. sold it in October 2018 to Three Pears who are rejuvenating the brand. Three Pears was founded in 1973, supplying high volumes of branded and non-branded toiletries and household goods to independent retailers and market traders at competitive prices.

Three Pears are committed to 100% UK manufacture of all of the Cyclax products.

The Cyclax ranges:

Cyclax Moistura is a beautifully formulated heritage anti‐ageing skin and body care range including eye, hand and night moisturising creams and lotions, exfoliators, cleansers, and toners. Its key ingredients include natural plant oils, vitamin complex, natural plant extracts, collagen, and a peptide complex

Cyclax Nature Pure is a formulated skin and body care range blending natural ingredients to address all skin care needs. Including night cream, facial scrubs, face and neck creams, hand and body lotions, bath and shower gels, moisturisers and exfoliators. Nature Pure’s key natural ingredients include Aloe Vera, Apricot Oil, Cocoa, Evening Primrose Oil, Green tea, Lavender and Vitamin E.

Cyclax Sun is a developing range of sun protection and sprays with UVA/UVB  protection. SPF 10,15, 20, 30, 45, 50, all day water resistant and SPF 50 baby ranges. All Cyclax Sun will offer key skin care ingredients in all products ensuring ultimate hydration is delivered to the skin.  After sun lotions, soothing gels and sprays will include Neem Oil, Cucumber, Chamomile, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. The self-tanning range includes lotion and spray tan with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Cyclax sun is a range under development and features a new range of fake tan aimed at a volume market, and available now.

Natural Classic is the original Henna Treatment Wax with Pure Henna. Revitalises all types of hair, especially hair that has been damaged by bleaching, perming or tinting. A new addition the Natural Classic range is dry shampoo with two elegant fragrances in a handy purse-sized 150ml spray.

Cyclax Moistura Routine

The House of Cyclax has a long history of adaptation and creation. One of the most beloved ranges, and a cornerstone for the brand, is the Moistura Range. Specifically designed with the driest of skin types in mind, the entire range is the perfect antidote to dry...

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