Ok let me just start by saying I have a skin care problem, I literally LOVEEEE skin care and cannot get enough! So when the lovely people over at CYCLAX reached out to me and asked if I would like to try their products I pretty much bit their hands off!

Let me quickly explain why I suddenly have such a love for skin care – I have realised that since having Mia there is NOTHING going on with my body that is the same as it was before, including my skin! I used to be able to go to bed with my makeup on and wake up no problems, now I wake up with little red bumpy spots that hurt and I regret my choices for days!
I now also get ridiculous hormonal breakouts during my time of the month and my chin turns into this cluster of spots that won’t go away, honestly I hate it so much because I have never suffered with spots before (not as badly as this anyway). Also I know I am not getting any younger so its about time I started caring for my skin… my 50 year old self with most definitely thank me!

I used these moisturisers for around 3 weeks and noticed that my skin was just looking so refreshed and hydrated I was so pleased, my skin has come leaps and bounds since Mia was born and I started noticing it going down hill and I really think this moisturiser has made a massive difference.

The day moisturiser is pink, lightweight, quite a thin formula and smells incredible! Honestly you take the lid off and it smells like fresh air I can’t explain how good and refreshing it smells – you need it!

The night moisturiser is white and a lot thicker of a formula, it has a little smell to it, not bad but I can’t put my finger on how to describe it. I personally am not a fan of thick moisturisers because I kind of feel like I am drowning in it but this one wasn’t that bad as it soaked into the skin really quickly avoiding that overwhelming feeling on my face. 

The last product I tried from them is the gentle exfoliator, this has also made 100,000,000x different to my skin. I never used to exfoliate (unless with a face mask once in a blue moon) this was something I needed to do with my skin flaking so often but I just never did, now I do it around 2-3 times per week, in the shower when I wash my hair – I love this, this has to be my favourite skin care product at the moment just because of the difference it has made.

I hope you go and check CYCLAX out I will leave all their links below. Give them some love on social media for sending me these amazing products. Disclaimer – I wasn’t paid to or obligated to post about their products I am doing it because its what I love to do and I will only ever share my personal opinions and experiences.

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