The Cyclax Way to Loveliness

Cyclax Way to Loveliness

The Houses of Cyclax and Cyclax Company were built upon a solid foundation of company principals. Working to change the social perceptions of cosmetics and self-care, meant changing the cultural acceptance of the products that Cyclax believed were important to everyday life.

Client Base

Cyclax products were not about creating a new face or feeling any shame in taking care of your body. At the time of inception, the cosmetic industry’s client base was made up of elite women who would not have taken good care of themselves. Often living in polluted cities, the elite women of London had unhealthy lifestyles. Poor diets along with a lack of exercise were typical in the upper circles of society, and Cyclax brought a new approach to the most elite of society.

Education through Advertising

Cyclax used their advertising campaigns to model how women should take care of themselves, for themselves. They educated women on cleanliness above all else as the most essential element of skin care. They informed women on diet and exercise to improve skin health. And, they cultivated a movement towards empowered females who knew how to take care of their skin.

Natural Beauty

These lessons were not taught as a way to paint women’s natural faces. They were showing women that they all have a natural ‘loveliness’ which, when properly cared for, will allow their natural beauty to shine. Cyclax’s creams and lotions were formulated to protect the skin from the damage of city life. Their powders were made to be the lightest of coverage to support a women’s flawless complexion- without hiding their loveliness.


As Cyclax continued to evolve and expand their product range, they taught the importance of self-care. This included sun protection and hair care products. Cyclax was a family run business and this affected the way the company reached their clients through advertising. Showing they were passionate about skincare, haircare and self-care through educational advertisements, Cyclax brought knowledge to an ever-growing client base of empowered women and began reaching men with some product ranges too. Cyclax was at the forefront of social change as people were given permission to look after their appearance through the social acceptance of Cyclax’s cosmetic and skincare products.

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